Conference Location:

This year the conference is hosted at Treetops Resort Convention Center located just east of Gaylord. This property allows groups to lodge and ski at the same location as the conference.


Youth Worker Special:

To help ease the burden on youth workers and church budgets, we have instituted a new price plan for church groups. At the 2019 conference, one youth leader may attend FREE of charge and one additional youth worker per every ten teens may attend FREE!


Delegate Cost:

We have lowered the conference base cost from the previous rate of $55 to a brand-new rate of $45! Our hope is to lighten the overall burden of expenses making it easier financially for teens to attend.


Leader Reservations:

This is a huge change that helps our conference staff but requires a little more work on the group leaders. In the past, Teen Spectacular has struggled each year to professionally and adequately make sure everyone’s ski information has been turned in, is accounted for and properly set up by the ski resort. To help ensure we facilitate these activities more accurately, skiing, tubing and the Laser Team Challenge activities will be reserved by individual groups. The information and phone numbers are provided on this website, as well as, on the flier. The additional expenses for these activities will be taken care of by each group directly to the businesses. For several years we have tried to accommodate hundreds of skiers, tubers, boarders, wavier sheets, information sheets and facilitate the funds which have made things complicated. The same special reduced conference rate has already been negotiated on your behalf. Prices are the same, but there is an extra step for leaders as compared to past conferences. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.    





Game Time and Leader “Meet & Greet” (Thursday PM) – Treetops Center following evening service 8-9 PM

Skiing, Boarding, Tubing (Friday Afternoon) – Join hundreds as they take to the hills for fun in the snow.

Laser Team Challenge (Friday Afternoon) – Experience Michigan’s largest indoor laser tag operation.



Revolving Seat Chart:

It is so frustrating to try to get good seats at a great youth conference like Teen Spectacular. If you can’t save seats, you are at the mercy of arriving first and/or battling with pre-reserved conference staff seats. This year the conference seating will be divided into four sections and groups will be divided into four teams. There are five official sessions and each team will get the opportunity to sit in each section. We want everyone to have a great experience and we are working hard to ensure groups are not stuck in the back during every session.


New Speaker:

Teen Spectacular welcomes a new conference speaker to this year’s lineup: Dr. Scott Pauley. From 2004 to 2015 he served as Vice President of Crown College and an assistant to Pastor Clarence Sexton at the Temple Baptist Church. Dr. Pauley now travels full time in evangelism. His passion is to preach the gospel and he has a burden to influence this generation for Christ.


Extra Thursday Session:

The skiing has been moved from Thursday evening to Friday afternoon allowing for a Thursday evening session, activity and youth leader meet and greet with the speakers!


Friday Night Revival:

Historically, Saturday was a dress up day that featured Dr. Jon Jenkins as the closing speaker; this year we are placing this revival spirit on the Friday evening session. The service will emphasize singing and preaching rather than skits and games. It is our prayer that this service will once again be one of the highlights of the 2019 conference!


Saturday Dismissal:

The Saturday portion of the conference will consist of a final session with two preachers. The session is scheduled to end at approximately 12:30PM. Lunch will not be provided.